The Lab – historical blends

Ultime face serum

Since 2012 the serum is the favourite of our clients. It is full of anti ageing ingredients with a very good texture and natural golden tint. It is a miracle for the face, can be used all day long and under make up as well. Its formula evolves, following the discovery of new ingredients. Can be used on the body as well.

Bollywood mix

This is a blend based on an Indian vegetal oil that helps reduce dark spots. We have added carrot essential oil to enhance the effects. You wouldn’t think that carrot has a strong weird smell:). So we have added a few drops of other essential oils for their properties and to balance the smell.

Magic gel

Based on Aloe vera gel and tea tree essential oil, this gel will helps get rid of skin issues, cool and hydrate sunburned skin, calm the pain of mosquito bites. The aloe vera gives a non oily texture that is very refreshing and comfortable. The product you need in your toiletry bag!

Souplesse balm

Its main reason for existence is to deal with stretch marks and its texture. I have been struggling to get rid of my stretch marks, even having a pretty stable weight, looks like my skin just breaks for fun. I tried creams and gel from the pharmacy, took some oil pills, not much results. When I started finding ingredients for skin flexibility and stretch mark I decided to give it a try. I use mango butter blended with other oils to get a thicker texture semi solid that is safer to use than oil. The balm is good for moisturising and after sun use as well.

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