The Lab – workshops

Home made cosmetics

We will show you how to make your own blends and cosmetics including conservation tips. Our lab is equipped with precision scale, stainless bowls and tools, mortal, funnels, cleaning tools.

We have a wide choice of essential oils, vegetal oils, plant powders.We work with fresh products so the availability of some base products evolves. We have some bottles and pots in stock as well.

You will be able to learn how to make our most famous recipes and go home with the result. You can personalize the recipes as well and we are happy to help you with the recipes you might have found yourself.

The hair corner

I avoided dying my hair for a long time as I didn’t want to use the usual harsh colouring products.

At some point, I dug into alternative natural solutions.

I have dark hair, quite a lot of white. Unfortunately to cover white hair and get black it’s a very long process but the result is worth it.I have been playing with a few colouring and treating plant powders including henna (Egypt, Rajasthan, Yemen), cassia, neem, indigo, katam, alkanet, tulsi, shikakai).

In the workshop, you will discover the plants used for hair colouring, how to prepare the mix, some tips for application. You will get some plants samples so you can try on your own hair.

Have you heard about ”no poo”? It goes for no shampoo and the alternative is plants, again. Quite a process, I have used a few : sidr, shikakai, panama wood. And I am now back to solid shampoos. But I am happy to share my experience and knowledge as well as get the powders for you.

Once you get used to it it is quite a fun way to get nicely coloured and healthy hair. I still wish I was ginger:).

And you can use non colouring plants for treatment.

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