The Lab

A little bit of history

I studied chemistry at university, on the 3rd year it started getting very abstract and more physics than applied chemistry. I got a bit scared of all the strong smells and harsh chemicals. The passion stayed. I continued with sales and worked in sales for technical companies.

When I did my Swedish massage training in 2011 we had aromatherapy classes and learned how to blend our own massage oils.

Later I got trained with facials and started being very curious about all the different products used : toner, scrub, mask, moisturisers, oils, serums.

I realised that most of the brands were using chemicals to get longer shelf life or better textures or smells and tried to find natural alternatives.

I have now a few ”recipes” that are very nice and efficient and I am regularly experimenting new compositions and type of products.

My latest purchase is a very nice marble mortar and I am working on scrubs and face mask at the moment.

What is “the Lab”

I started ”The lab” for a few reasons :

First I wanted to get my products known and accessible.

They are natural and need to be used within 6 months, I cannot make big quantities so it makes sense to have my own fabrication lab.

Then I realised that often I just miss one essential oil for a synergy.

Or I would like to try a vegetal oil that is said to be great.

You can have surprises when you receive the super efficient and great oil as some of them have a very strong smell.

The Lab is giving the possibility to learn how to make your own natural home made cosmetics, come and check ingredients, get the few drops you need for your own composition, customise your cosmetics.

And if you need some specific ingredients, we can join orders and make you save shipment costs.

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